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My first attempt at making a fanart with the computer, heh. I actually wanted to make it more "kawaii". I am not happy with the feet, but I guess it's okay for a first attempt. I like the rest, easy-to-add effects I added though. Also, I noticed I forgot to add some sponge effects to his sword... Ah well.


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Jesivis Jan 20, 10
Oh wow for a first attempt this is actually pretty neat.
I like what you did with the picture and am just wanting to know wow
how do you do it!? You definitely have to help me with making
art on the computer because I may be able to draw but I can't do great
with my paint program lol!

Well again it's great!
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Arietta Jan 20, 10
Haha, it's great to have you back man !

I did this one in Photoshop. I just drew the figures and added some artistic effects with basic filters. Sounds tremendously easy, which it is, but it still took me a long time to complete it. Drop me a PM so I can give you my new MSN address and I will be glad to help you .
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WireFrame Feb 19, 10
You know, with a slight hat change, this would make an absolutely fantastic Christmas card! I love the style. Seriously. Do some other stuff like this and see who you can sell it to.

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