A Dark Seducer.
I did some minor tweaks to the armor, and took away the helmet.
I like what I did with the magic. It's my first time getting an effect like that right.


1 thumbs!
SennaKoshiba Apr 23, 12
Since I loved Oblivion, I'll give you a CnC ^w^ (Critique and Comment)

The torso (starting from the top of the breasts, to the top of the hips) is too small in comparison to the hips and shoulders. To be more precise, it's the hips and shoulders that are off in comparison to the rest of the body.
From the shoulders, the arms are ill-proportionate to the torso and head: they're too long.
The elbows are the longest part of the arm in this picture, which makes the arm look awkward.

The thighs are gigantic, and the shape (as a result) is very odd looking.

Lastly, the nose is too realistic for the rest of the work. This feels like it's more of an anime piece than a realistic :T
Also, about the nose; the bridge is too wide *3*

That's my CnC, and I hope you understand that I like it overall, especially the effects in the hands (not as much the discharge coming off of them). I also liked the hair c:

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