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Something has really begun to tick me off lately, FFVII and its legions of idiotic fanboys. Square hasn't helped by glorifying the game and spitting out a spin off every year. What is worse yet is that these fans seem to have the opinion that Sephiroth, the game's antagonist is the god to end all gods. Making up a hundred reasons why he's still stronger than Cloud even though he beat him and being the first guy anyone ever mentions when discussing who is the most hardcore villain ever. It's seems a Sephiroth loving culture has emerged around FFVII. So in typical non-conformist fashion I plan to fashion a anti-Sephiroth culture.

This the first step. Look in the Final Fantasy fanart section and you'll half the flippin thing devoted to showing a sexy, powerful and psycho Sephiroth, but are there any which make him look bad? I haven't found one. So here is your almighty villain Sephiroth, with a sword through his gut from the loud mouthed drunken brawler Jecht. That's right, your god has been beaten by a ordinary man with a cry baby son. And no he isn't going to turn around and pawn Jecht, he isn't going to live and come back again with his sexy 8 foot long katana. He's dead, and before you say he already got impaled by Cloud and lived this is different, Jecht is simply too awesome to make a mistake like that.


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