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I drew this ages ago, and found it the other day in my folder, so I thought I'd upload it and colour it using GIMP on the day I was ill.
I did it for Artirtico. ♥



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CndyCoatedJigglypuff Jan 30, 09
the eyes are a little funky looking but the rest of it is really good!
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dragon_luver94 Apr 5, 09
Pretty, pretty... Shiny, shiny...
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Regiapocolypsus Jun 10, 09
1,it's Articuno, 2, Milotic has pupils and a mouth, and 3, it's pretty good!
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Boo Jun 10, 09
1. Artirtico is a member on Neo, and I am fully aware of the spelling of the Ice Titan Articuno.
2. The pupils are the lighter area of the eye, that's my style of drawing. Plus if you watch the anime their mouth is under their face.
3. Thanks.
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raytay286 Jun 12, 09
I do see the pupils. I draw like that to.
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pokemonbub Jun 18, 09
how did you do that ????????? cool
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Boo Jun 18, 09
I draw the image I want to use, and scan it into the computer. Then I upload it into The GIMP, and add a layer for lineart. Then I colour it, then shade it. ^^

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