Is the apple not sweet enough? XD

Anyway, This was another of Lei's random sketches.

Time: About three hours overall, plus the added stress of a malfunctioning computer. >=

I got the idea for it after seeing an image from Little Snow Fairy Sugar. >_<; And, the name MIGHT be a spoiler... But it's nothing that will exponentially damage your Death Note experience. >_>;

I think I sorta messed up on his position. ;_; (He looks like he's leaning against the apple >_> )
Aya is getting crumbs in L's hair. >_>; How silly.
And what the H is up with that cakes dimensions!? X_X

Lei Also discovered she can't draw forks. XD (You learn something new each day, huh?)

Complaints aside, I'm still hoping it turned out well. XP

Thank you for your time~!


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Iced Tea Feb 14, 08
Tis cool. Nice work.
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ar_cat Mar 7, 08
This is so awesome! Keep up the good work!

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