I wanted to see how long it would take me to draw a plain kirby, it didn't take me very long, just about a half hour in total.


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Kitty1999candy Sep 19, 08
Nice! Good going and even if it is plain it still stands out as the lovable Kirby!!!
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Cupcake86 Sep 28, 08
Thank you very much! I didn't want to colour it just incase I messed up so I just left it plain as you can see.
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yulan Oct 21, 08
You know what? I thought this was a photo of the kirby in the game.
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Cupcake86 Oct 21, 08
Well, technically it is, in the instruction booklet (if you have the amazing mirror) on page 5 it shows that Kirby in colour but about the size of the letter "B" in the word Kirby (on my drawing).

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