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This is the same as my other drawing of Claire from the Harvest Moon games except this one is colored.
I drew it in pencil first, and then i used Photoshop 7 for coloring it in.


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Phi Mar 1, 09
Wow that's really good n__n
She looks very pretty.
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D i o s c u r i Mar 1, 09
Thank you.
I couldn't be bothered to color her too well. =P
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Bitter Sweet Mar 10, 09
Wowies Jess-chan, this is beautiful! Claire looks so happy here, makes me want to smile and share her joy. :]
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D i o s c u r i Mar 12, 09
Sa-chan! =D
Thanks a lot girl, much appreciated. ^___^
I like making people look happy. x)
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Lily Flower Sprite Apr 10, 09
AMAZING!!! I love it...and I like how the pencil lines go over the coloring on the pic! 2 thumbs up!
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Skater Girl Apr 25, 09
I really need to buy me some dust....
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everything_will_do2 Jun 22, 09
I like the ccolor and picture, but isn't her hand a bit too long?

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