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I based this sketch off Shadow's solo game cover pose since I found it the best one to work with in terms of getting his curviture and expression just right.


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Blaze Mar 9, 09
Very impressive, I suggest you take a look at my Blaze fanart. Anyways:

Good: I like the bold outlines you have and the detail on the spikes and shoes look very good.

Bad: Try to steer off of lined paper as it is rather bad and plain paper will help you proportion on your own. Shadow is missing a finger on the right and the rocket seems kind of floppy.

Overall, a good effort and I'm sure you will improve.
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Darknesshedge Mar 9, 09
Good:weapon, body shape
Bad: shoes ,forgot the red part on the side of shadow's eyes made him too fat
other than that good job well done
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DXD Mar 9, 09

I actually edited the lines out of all my drawings using Paintshop including this one in order to keep a cleaner effect within the boundaries of the focus area.

I only kept the notebook lines throughout the span of the background because I thought it created a nice artsy look to my penciled/visually-outlined pieces.
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Darknesshedge Mar 11, 09
*yawns* well it's good

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