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A random drawing I did! I drew me as my female alter ego,Dragoshee(I can't draw myself,unfortunately -_-') as Peach, and the other characters of Brawl(not all of them)
Sonic the "Hedgehog",Yoshi,Kirby,Mario,Luigi,Me/Peach,Bowser,Boo,Pikachu


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Jacen4789 Mar 28, 09
I like how cool Sparky Mouse(literal translation of Pikachu) looks!
Why draw Mario in Ray Man style. Kirby is acting like the blob from the game with Rick and Coo. Sonic doesn't look quite right to
me. Probably from spending too much time with with my friend's pet hedgehog.
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missingnolover Oct 14, 09
I think he's a Shaymin...
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euben0 May 22, 10
I laughed at Bowser's face!
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rigth arm Oct 16, 11
a auto tg....nice... THIS PAGE HAVA ALL!

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