I was deeply engulfed in the character development of the Yuuzhan Vong over the coarse of The New Jedi Order series. I had no reference at the time for an idea of illustration for the Vong warrior class character and I liked it that way. I just illustrated what my mind saw from the various descriptions over the series. This particular design and Illustration is my own idea of what might of happened when Shimrra ordered all Jedi, everywhere, should surrender to the Vong. Many primitive settlements would have had basic arch paper postings in town centers just like out of the old west. Common people may have been frightened into giving information about Jedi. Even from a far, seeing the oppressive face of the warmaster himself coupled with the words, "OBEY. All Jedi Infidels Must Surrender." Hope you enjoy it!


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Estrugaz Nov 10, 10
Pretty cool, few know the badass vongs xD

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