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After following the Star Wars Legacy series of comic books, I fell in love with the diversity of bad ass Sith lurking on the pages so much that, I decided to create my very own bad ass Legacy era Sith.
He is not a great dueler and isn't especially skilled in dark side powers however, he is a really powerful core powers user so far, that he has a masterful control over several objects with telekinesis which makes him able to fight with several lightsabers using his mind to control each one of them.
The concept isn't that original since Darth Traya used the very same technique on Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II however, I think it's funny to see a Nautolan using his tentacles to grab lightsabers XD


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Bale Fire Feb 23, 09
Pretty neat idea, I think the tenacle holding needs to be a bit more obvious though, its a bit hard to discern from first glance.

Still not a bad drawing

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