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After reading some novels that fills the gap between ep3 and ep4 and checking the awesomeness of Darth Vader's purge of the jedis I tried to recreate that dark environment introducing my favourite admiral of all time, Thrawn.


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Qwowner Jul 11, 08
Nice drawing, wish I was that good, but I'm more of a music guy. But I always think of Vader having slightly wider shoulders.
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Estrugaz Jul 12, 08
Thank you.
We can't be good at everything: I know I can't put a musical note after another =X
Yeah now that you talk about it, Vader does should have wider shoulders with those paldrons of his... too bad I did not noticed it. I can still erase and remake them in the original... ah.. the joys of a pencil work that can be erased ^.^

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