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This is my Spyro Avatar. Completely orginal and prossibly poorly colored on the computer, but guess what? I don't have any money to buy a pretty program to color my drawings. That and I know how to use manual mediums. This is an advanced picture of Spyro that has no specific category its just an experimental adult profile of him because I'm yearning to see him as an adult one day since I grew up with the baby Spyro.

Art(C)Heiress AKA Grizzled-Dog



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IceWolfklaske Jul 20, 08
Still, good highlighting, though.
And I likes the eyes.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with traditional mediums.
My best drawings are made in watercolours, ink, pencil and pen.
And most other people have that too, I can see it in their work, whenever it is done manually, it has more soul than when done digitally.
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Lone Drifter Aug 19, 09
The wing attachment is to the deltoid which is odd, but not an uncommon mistake.
I like the way you use both shadows and highlights this time.
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