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I cannot believe how nobody has really submited anything to the Spyro series. I'm so anxious to fill it up since noone else has! Muhahah! Anyway, as you have come to notice, every picture has had sheep in it. Spyro, in my mind, guards sheep. Sheep-sheep-sheep! So in this one, which is more skillfully done than the previous others, he spreads his wings to take flight as he scans the sheep around him one last time. He has them in various locations around the area. He covers them from the air and on land and what not. Sparx never leaves his side, of course.

Art(C)Heiress AKA Grizzled-Dog

Spyro and Sheep(C) Insomniac Games


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i love harvest moonn Aug 27, 08
this is so good really it is man the only good pictures i draw is like the ones that show directions on how to draw them
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DragonRage97 Jan 11, 09
I like how the shading is done. Nice details.
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Lone Drifter Aug 19, 09
This causes the Lion King theme to play in my head... actually I think it would be called dragon king in this case.
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