Jak and Daxter slept serenely. Jak, additionally comfortable as he stirs then goes back to sleep for a reason he doesn't know, Daxter, comfortably curled on Jak's backside feeling the rise and fall of his upper body, having been lulled to sleep by Jak's soft breathing and heartbeat...

I will never color another picture like this again! It took soooo looong! I had no reference for this picture either. Anatomy or color.

Art(C) Heiress AKA Grizzled-Dog DeviantArt.com

Jak and Daxter and original Characters (C) Naughty Dog Inc.


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Stitch Jul 24, 08
Wow, that looks awesome.
Well done!
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Bale Fire Jul 30, 08
Nice work Heiress, even better with colour
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csifool Oct 27, 09
wow thats nice.can u draw keira and jak?
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mjroady Dec 19, 09
awesome. plz make more. -mjroady

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