A cute picture of Daxter for all of you Daxter fans, out, on the couch. I used my kitty-kitty as reference for this picture. I might do more pictures of Daxter because he's an animal and I can draw animals easier than people. I can draw people also and do portraits and all that, but coming up with my own style of Jak hasn't been practiced that much. That's still progressing.

Art(C) Heiress AKA Grizzled-Dog DeviantArt.com

Daxter and characters (C) Naughty Dog


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Stitch Jul 24, 08
Also awesome.
You're pretty good.
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Bale Fire Jul 30, 08
Once again I love it, damn I wish I were a good as artist as you my fanart's are little more than sketches. But I must admit your work is compelling me to do better
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marioman99 May 24, 09
Wow! Great drawing! I wish I could draw like that!

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csifool Oct 27, 09
awwwwww, u make dexter look sooo cute!!!

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