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Well, I had an originally character I made up names Vauchryn and she's a Yingo(Something else I made up, long story short) She just LOOKS like a werewolf. So, Sherlock catches wind of the uproar about a "Werewolf" in the city, running, lose, that COULD or HAS hurt people, no confirmations. So he lures Watson into his hunt to get this supposed "Werewolf".

Well Vauchryn is injured and she collaspes. The yard has been trying to kill her for days now. So Sherlock smoothely coaxes Watson into bringing her home and nursing her back to health, but only to rather mischieviously, study her, since she's not human. Considering this Sherlock in the 2009 movie is younger and more heartless than past Sherlocks liek Jeremy Brett or "Jerrs Shers"

"RDJ Shers" is very obnocious and as you can see, Vauchryn is not liking it. Oh and yes, she is nakey, but she's fuzzy all over and NO she does not run around like that all the time. Just when they first find her for she overheats easily and running from the yard got her hot enough to get rid of her clothes, but not for any bad reasons, its just cause and effect. Or else she would have passed out fro heat exahaustion.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson (C) Original makers

Vauchryn the Yingo(C) Heiress AKA Grizzled-Dog


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