Feral the clone trooper, my original and first clone I ever made for an Rp website for the clone wars I post on. Since then it has well...died, but I still post with one or two friends because we love the CW series so much. Please Excuse the fangirl perspective on this drawing.

Feral dyed his hair green after he had proved his worth in his squad and he also has a little animal companion named Boshy, after his ID number and an horrid experience on the planet Endor when he was just a rookie. His ID number was 4509 and that upside down says BOSH. So he named her that after she saved his life. I'll post a short comic of them later.

Art and Feral and Boshy(C) Heiress AKA Grizzled-Dog DeviantArt.com

Clone Trooper and Rugger Species(C) LucasArts and associates


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