This is another image I got from the manual of the game. XD Though I have to admit the quality of it looks crap. Ah well...

As much as I thought the bad chaos were cute, the angel chaos are just great. This picture was encouraged after many hours of playing with the chaos in the chao garden. XD


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Xandersilk Aug 21, 07
Yeah you did good with this one too. I love chao.
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K_e_a_t_o_n_X_Z_X0 Nov 25, 07
chao loves you!
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Shadria The Hedgehog Jun 14, 09
AWWWWWWWW!!! I have 46 Choa's in Sonic Adventure 2 and urs is cute! ;D
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Tailsmo Oct 4, 09
NEAT!I "LOVE" CHAO! Especially the angel ones^^
great work on the body!

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