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I enjoyed doing this. This was one of my favourite characters from the Megaman Legends Series and her own game "Misadventures Of Tron Bonne."

Miss Tron has a sharp, fiery attitude that I just like about her.

Her Servbots are the cutest known or Kobuns as they are known in Japan. X3

Hope you like it.


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dbzrocks07 Mar 13, 08
wow i loved that game. hey i just noticed how much ms. mari and tronn look like. megaman legends or megaman 64 was one of my favorite games of all time. the final boss was so hard to beat at first lol. good drawing, it looks awsome
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Homunculus Lover Mar 15, 08
Thank you very much.

I found Juno in the first game easy afterwards because his attacks played out in a sequence.

The last boss on MML2 was so hard.
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gerard way owns you Jul 11, 08
i love the view im getting lol
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GAlaXiaMidniGht Aug 6, 08
i loved that series she annoyed me so much though but its very good.

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