Okayy, so I really wanna be a formal-wear designer when I grow up... I'm trying it out on the characters, basing it ona 'Spring-Ball' theme.. Claires a very blue, very flickered, pleated kind of girl I'd suspect..

Please comment..?x


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Crystal Rain Nov 24, 10
Oooh, it's so cute! I'm not crazy about the pocket on the front, but I suppose it suits Claire. I love the color though, and the pleats in her dress. It looks very flowy and spring appropriate, as well as very pretty. I love the sleeves as well; they're very adorable. The only other thing I'd say is I'm not not sure of the thick blue bands at the neckline, wasitline and shoulders. For me, I feel it would look tidier if there was no clear dividing line, or perhaps something more gradual. It just seems to contrast the flowiness (if that's even a word xD) of the rest of the dress. Do you see what I mean? Don't get me wrong - I still love it, I just wanted to give you something to go off of if you want it. =)
Oh, and the bow in her hair is sooo adorable. <3
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IHateDaysLikeThis Nov 27, 10
Hehh heh, thank youu.. xD And yeash, I know what you mean now, and thank you for the advicee, thats why I put my pics up here.. ^-^ I'm juss tryin to get better.. And tbh, I didn't think the pocket was great, but I was tryin to keep a little bit of farm in the dress.. Anywayss, thank you very much..xDD x

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