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This was something I did back in January, a page 1 of 2 but I never got around to finishing the 2nd page. It was just a little idea I was playing with as a possible "what's happening in Shenmue III" haha. The next page would show Ren spotting GuiZhang walking through the Pigeon Park


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Requiem May 7, 07
Nice work here, but you've recreated Pigeon Park far too accurately for my liking ;p Still, lots of kudos for the amount of detail in that first panel, it looks very cool. You'll need to finish that second page now, though ;p Hopefully it's Gui Zhang's wallet that Wong has stolen.
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LanDi Sama Aug 13, 07
Thank you! Sadly I never finished the second page ┬ŽD; As much as I would like to draw Gui Zhang

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