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Bale Fire Mar 24, 09
Not bad, but seems a little small. Didn't he have a lot more metal?

Still a very good piece
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Lone Drifter Mar 31, 09
Yeah, it does not have all the metal bits of the version you are thinking of. This is supposed to be the one from the evolution x movie. The reason I drew this one over the other is simply I like this one better. I never really liked the huge metal block on the back of the original, and I think it looks better with the metal claws extending the length of the gauntlets(for lack of a better word). Also I made the armor slightly more bronze. In short it is derivative, but it would not be fanart if it was not. The pose is of my own design, otherwise it would not feel right posting it.

Thanks for the comment. They are appreciated.
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Bale Fire Apr 2, 09
So there's a second version is there? I only know of the one in the first series (and his subsequent appearances in the later ones)
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Lone Drifter Jun 8, 09
Taking my precious time to respond. Yeah there are a bunch of x-versions, and the movie (evolution x) that this appeared in was possibly one of the worst that I had ever seen. This was one of the few movies that made me want to sleep.

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