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Woots! It's Peach! I pretty much had a mental image of her, but I ended up using her trophy on Melee to double check the colors. Enjoy.


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K_e_a_t_o_n_X_Z_X0 May 2, 08
My sister aparently enjoys it:

"Ooh, somebody drew her really good." :]
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00100100 May 5, 08
It's okay, could of cleaned up the coloring.
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gamerdude Jun 24, 08
Awesome job! one thing. weres her arms?
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gecko89 Mar 28, 09
great job. could have colored better. lil sis thinks it's really cool.
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Piplup555 Aug 10, 09
It looks good.If you coloured it a little harder the colour would stand out more.
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MrCore Aug 16, 11
it looks so real nicely done

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