This is a picture I drew a few weeks ago. The characters are from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. This is a beauty contest, where a Butterfree says to a Beautyfly (or however you spell it..) that it's not beautiful at all. It's kind of a collage, I think. And yes, once again, I didn't color it. But anyway, I hope you like it!
Down with coloring! hehe!



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anim al crossin gowns Feb 23, 08
Nintengirl you do fanart?! Well, I am impressed!! They're all sooo cute 'n' cuddly!! Awwwww!!
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sampsont Mar 1, 08
awesome drawing michelle. i love this one, it has some michelle humor in it. is that a stick person i see in there, lol. look at those cute things, it makes you wanna hug them, haha.. i like the butterfree the most, it's like so goofishly cute! also, what's that thing doing going "wtf?" lol. you should teach me how to draw.
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CndyCoatedJigglypuff Jan 24, 09
I luv it!! I think that your jigglypuff in the upper right corner is sssooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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