Don't like don't look.

Old art.

Lucario © Nintendo


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Blair32 Nov 20, 08
No, its not bad, i accually really like it. the only thing that is a little akward is the hand. It kinda looks more like a paw then lucarios accuall hand. But other then that, its great! you shoule do some more!
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Norixca_XIII Nov 20, 08
Hehe, thank you. :3
Hm, I thought Lucario's hand was a paw? Maybe not, that's what I get for not using reference. ^__^'
I'll be doing more sometime in the future, thanks again! *hug*
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sand_kunoichi23 Dec 10, 08
WOW! this is Amaising! Its gr8! I luv it!
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Norixca_XIII Dec 10, 08
Thank you very much!

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