Quick sketch of Black Cat from Marvel's Spiderman series. Scanned sketch, colored with Adobe Photoshop CS2.


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Quierta May 13, 09
I'm a creeper so I creeped around your profile like a creep. Found your fanart.

Yesss. I can still see the pencil markings - unless you did that on purpose in Photoshop. But I actually like it. Usually things done solely in Photoshop are too soft or too solidly colored making it look a little less realistic or else "heavenly." I don't think a technique like that would have worked for this piece.

I have no idea who that is but I can tell that they're not meant to be look sweet and romantically heavenly - so kudos on keeping the original medium of the piece with the graphically designed part on comp :3
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Raijin1999 May 13, 09
=3 My digipad is a bit on the tiny side. As far as the original being a sketch was, this was a simple color sketch over it. Not serios (srs) work by any means. More like a colored doodle. I do love me my pencil lines though. They always seem to have more life to them than an inked line, possibly because we see the potential, keeping those mental doors wide open rather than having a more complete image forced down your noggin'.

Go sketch work!
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Bale Fire May 13, 09
Nice, though its a little small
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Monami17 May 14, 09
Excellent! Captures Phylicia's character purrrrfectly(sorry couldn't resist.) Mischief Incorporated.

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