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This fanart is tied to the "[Forum Fun] FF7 ~ Slave Auction Show/Abuse Room" thread. (221 replies; last posted at Nov 27, 2007 11:54:10 PM)

It may look a little like Kadaj and Loz, but it's actually Cammeh and myself as Sephy Remnants.

Ignore the chains... it's... a long stroy. XD


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Whistling Wolf Nov 23, 07
BUAHAHA *cracks whip*
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Ray_Masamune Nov 23, 07
Sorry. Nudity is against Fan-Art submission rules.


But then again, you're the person who reviews and accepts or rejects the fan-arts...
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Whistling Wolf Nov 25, 07
Hyuk hyuk hyuk >
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Element Feb 17, 08
Master, may I be the one who is trapped =D
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Ray_Masamune Feb 17, 08

...maybe in the future.
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Element Jun 9, 08
But it looks like me...

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