Just drew Sasuke and then did some shading with a pencil. I know I have some problems drawing the feet. -_-


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Brian 3344 Nov 5, 08
wow, that's really good, I could NEVER be able to draw like that even if I tried, good job
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Estrugaz Nov 5, 08
"I know I have some problems drawing the feet."

and hands. Those are very small.
While shading, don't do random strokes. Use strokes following the same direction as the object.
And try to make them taller. They will look more elegant. Right now, Sasuke still looks like a child even though that is the pre-adult Sasuke from the second part of the story.
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Rondo Nov 11, 08
Thank you, Brain.

I know I had problems with the hands. I didn't think it was as bad as the feet though. I'll keep in mind what you said, Estrugaz.
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sand_kunoichi23 Nov 25, 08
Wow. This is better than wat i can do!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lovebug Dec 2, 08

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