Ah, took around 10 mins. Tis not my best piece of work. Nami is the coolest Lady in AWL and the 3 coolest in DS ^^
Mabye one day I will colour her in.


0 thumbs!
PupgirlPawz Dec 12, 08
Great Job Abi.
Keep drawing.
0 thumbs!
Skater Girl Dec 22, 08
Nami is awesome.
*gaspness* Did you use magic pixie dust?! If so, can I have some?!
0 thumbs!
Samus Dec 23, 08
Magic Pixie dust? Uhh... sure! :3
Nah, just 10 minutes hard work.
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plettyboy Feb 6, 09
You made her head a bit big, but really awsome job! I wish I could draw manga like that... My first lesson on how to draw manga was on youtube.com. XD
0 thumbs!
nippy Oct 6, 09
dats da best pic of nami ive ever seen!!! keep drawin
Last edited by nippy :: Oct 7, 09

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