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This is a picture of two Prinnies cooking a large yummy pot of food up for Prince Laharl. I coloured the piece using pencil crayons, and shaded a bit too here. I also enhanced the colours using GIMP.

prinny penguin cooking disgaea hour darkness kitchen chef


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Lost in Azure May 25, 09
Haha, thats great! I love Prinny's, stupid Laharl always making them do pesky chores. I like that you used Crayons since usually when I draw with crayons it comes out real cruddy, but yours looks awesome! ;D
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Spiritual May 25, 09

      I used coloured pencils =p.

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Lost in Azure May 26, 09
In the description it says Crayons though? Oh, it does look a bit like crayon in some spots.

I guess it doesn't matter though because your a wonderful artists. (:
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Spiritual May 26, 09

      Pencil Crayons = Coloured Pencils xD.

      Thank you Jenn!

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