Stitch doing the Hitman posure.
Don't mind the guns, I'm not so good in that, but Stitch sure came out great, ain't it?
Comments & Ratings appreciated.

This Drawing was an idea by a Neo-Member named: Burn in Hell.



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Bale Fire Oct 5, 08
Very nice, but you should have given him a suit as well

Nah just kidding that wouldn't have looked so good, nice work
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Stitch Oct 6, 08
And no, I didn't want him to put up a suit aswell, I was kinda lazy on that part, didn't really wanted to draw a suit on him.
So, I just let him do the Hitman Posure, and that's all Stitch is doing now, is doing the hitman posure.
But, ofcourse, with some guns in his hands, then he doesn't look like a fool. lol
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Burn in Hell Oct 7, 08
I love you Stitch <3

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Stitch Oct 8, 08
Why thank you very much.

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