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Stitch celebrating the new year, I guess.
Or he just loves to lit things on fire, and see them explode.

Well, hope you like it.
Rating and comments are appreciated.

I drew this by using the computer alone, not sketching it with Pencil and paper first, like I normally do.

You can see some of the sketching and coloring progress of this drawing, and see how it kinda started and finished, by going to my Gallery Section, you can view them all there.

Background: Google Image Search, Type searched: "Landscape"(For the Grass), "Night Sky"(For the sky).

playstation portable gaming related stitch


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Bale Fire Jan 5, 09
Cool, but whats that writing say on the rocket?
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Stitch Jan 5, 09
That's my name... ?

And thanks!
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Bale Fire Jan 5, 09
Oh he's been digging into your personal stash has he?

I thought it might be Stitch talk
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Stitch Jan 6, 09
lol, nah, I only needed a place to put my name down, and the rocket seems good enough of a good place to place it, and actually, I have a bad hand writing...

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