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Well, as the title says; Stitch playing on the Nintendo Wii.
Well, I made a drawing with him playing the Sony PS3, so why not the Nintendo Wii, too?

I think I made him a little to chubby, lol, or too much "Fluffy" to putt it in his way.
I will just go with the excuse that it's Winter, and his fur became thicker.

Hope you like it.
Comments and ratings are appreciated.

Check my Gallery for the sketching progress of this drawing.


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Bale Fire Jan 18, 09
Hey fluffy is cool, isn't that the whole of having fur?

Not sure if this is a different style or your just getting better but either way I like this more than the others. Your drawings are sometimes a little jagged around the edges, but I can't see any flaws at all with this one.
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Stitch Jan 18, 09
I'm not using a different style, the only difference is, is that this is the second drawing I'm only using a computer with.
The latest 2 drawings are only done on the computer sketching and coloring entirelly.
While the ones from before those 2, were done first by pencil on paper, and then got colored on the computer.
And yeah, most of my drawings have some rough edges, and not smooth, but, that's probably because I don't have that much of a steady hand.
If you have notice my hand writing, then you see that it's not that good, atleast it goes somewhat good when I'm drawing/sketching, but even then I have to re-do the lines a bunch of times over to get it right.
I'm not perfect, but it's atleast good enough to tell what it is.
And now sketching with the mouse is even harder, because I don't have much of a grip on it, like with a pencil.
But, luckily it's easy to fix it on the computer, just erase some lines, and do it again.
Even when you think you're done on that part, you might later on see something that might look better in this way, so you can fix it again anytime you want.
If you check the progress of this drawing in my Gallery, then you might notice some changes in every one of them sketches, most noticable are his feet, and the left arm.
I first had his left arm stretched, but I had the feeling it would look better if he had that a bit closer to himself, so you could see his right arm.
Because both arms stretched looked ridiculous, I think, and you might agree when you see it, too.
Now this is where the computer was very usefull to have with sketching, because if I had to do that on paper, then you know that I had to fully erase it, and re-draw that arm and everything on it all over again, and that sure would be a pain.
But on the computer, I simply just cut what looks good enough to use, and place the arm to where I wanted it to be placed, and it only needs some minor editing, like erasing some small lines, and add some others to match it with the arm.
That is something where the computer is very handy with, I think.
And I had some trouble with his toes, then they were to small, or too short to eachother, or out of order, etc.
So, I made it like this, which to me looks good enough for it.
Even during coloring I made changes, I deleted the 4th toes on each foot.
You can see that too on the progress drawing.
I also saw a different way to place the 4th ones, but I guess I just choosed for the cheap way out, and go with 3 toes on each feet instead.

Oh well, it doesn't have to be perfect, aslong as it's good enough, then I'm fine with it.

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