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I drew this after the Weapon's logo of my city Maastricht.

Ofcourse, this is my version with Stitch on it.

Comments and Ratings are appreciated.


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Bitter Sweet Jun 14, 09
    Woah, I love the Stitch, he looks great. It's colored so well, I swear it came from the actual movie. x] And the wings are great too, better than I could ever draw for sure.

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Stitch Jun 14, 09
And yeah, I'm kinda getting the hang of it in coloring and shading.
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Bale Fire Jun 14, 09
Weapon's eh? That like a sports team for your town?

Good picture, Stitch makes a good angel.
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Stitch Jun 15, 09
No, it's the City's Logo, not some sport team, or football team's logo, it's the Logo of the city Maastricht, which I live in. They also call it the Weapon's logo of the city.
Although, Sport teams, and most of the flags in the city, are usually in fully red with a white star in it's centre, or something similar.
But the actuall Logo of the city, has an Angel standing behind and holding the red shield with a star in the middle.

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