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Made a Drawing of Spiderman as a request from someone I know.
In a conversation I told him I do a little drawing sometime, and showed him some of my drawings of Stitch on my phone.
And asked if I could draw Spiderman for his kid, his kid is a Spiderman fan, I guess.
I told him I'll see what I can do, because I usually draw Stitch, and will when I feel like making it.
I was working on A Day At The Beach at the time, not sure when, probably when I was still sketching it in the beginning of it.
But anyway, 5 weeks ago, I finally started with it, and here we are, 5 weeks later, and it's done.

It's my first time I drew a Human character from scratch, so for my first time drawing Spiderman from scratch, I think it came out pretty well, apart from some little flaws.

I added a little something from me in there, by drawing Stitch, couldn't resist.
And Stitch seems to be enjoying the ride, anyway, so why not. lol.

Anyway, hope ya like it, and check out the progress of this drawing in my Gallery, or (when updated) my Neohome.

Ratings and/or Comments are appreciated.


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Bale Fire Oct 28, 09
Nicely done, especially for a completely original pose and position. And Stitch looks like an adorable little puppy rescued from a tree, which is what I'm guessing happened
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Stitch Oct 28, 09
Well, Spiderman usually has weird ass positions and poses, like his feet are over his head or whatever, that's probably a bit difficult for me at the moment to create a pose or position like that from scratch for th first time, I'm taking it easy first, I'm guessing this is more like a Tarzan pose the way he is now, and with carrying Stitch I wouldn't know any better pose.
And Stitch wouldn't need to be rescued from a tree, he can climb and walk on walls and ceilings, and falling wont be a problem either, since his body is strong and lenient enough to let him bounce like a ball when he falls without a scratch, although, it might only knock him out for a short time atleast.

And thanks.

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