This was more of a random idea that came up while I was actually starting to work on it 2 weeks ago.

I had no clue what to draw, and after Spiderman I haven't drawn anything since, so I wanted to draw atleast something, so I just started with his head, but still no clue what to do with it, a day later when working on the body concept, I got the idea to draw him riding a motorcycle, and this is the result from it that you see now.

See the progress of this drawing in my Gallery, or (When updated) my Neohome.

Comments and ratings are appreciated.


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Bale Fire Jan 19, 10
But...Stitch can't reach the fact the bike doesn't appear to actually possess any pedals. What kind of black science have you got 626 involved in here Stitch? WHERE ARE THE PEDALS?

Now that I've had my go at being funny I'll be serious. Overall nice work with special mention to going to the grass and the gloss on the bike, as well as shading. From a design standpoint I find the bike itself a little basic however, and the front wheel looks a lot thinner than the back one, but its really quite a good drawing anyway, and I know how complex motorbikes are to draw.

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Stitch Jan 19, 10
Lol, he drove an 18 wheeler truck before, how was that possible for him to drive with those short legs of his?
Lets just say there's a pedal on the other side of that motorcycle...
BTW: No brakes on the steering wheel, either.
But Stitch doesn't need brakes, he doesn't need to stop for anything, if he needs to stop, then he'll probably improvise in a way to make it stop.

Well, I never drew a motorbike before, so I just went a bit cheap with it, and drew it without much detail on it, and I did it on purpose to make the front wheel thinner then the back one, because I thought that motorbikes had that kind of wheeling design, big in the back, small on the front.
Maybe not every Motorcycle, but I'm sure some of them do.
Well, I'm not much of a motorcycle fan, so I don't know for sure about that.

Glad you like it.

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