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Made a drawing of The Joker, based on the Joker character from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

with 2 cameos by Stitch and Mr Kat, to fill up, or give a bit of volume to the drawing.
And by that, they are the 3 evil geniuses.

Stitch is created for evil purposes, Turned out good, later, and can think faster then a super computer.

Mr Kat is evil, he can create devices or destructive weapons by using random household equiptments, and always tries out ways to hurt, emberrase or even Kill that kid from Kid Vs Kat.

The Joker is evil, with a funny satistic side, and has his ways to sometimes even outsmart the Batman.

So, yeah, the 3 Evil geniuses. =P

Hope you like it, you can see the progress of this drawing in my gallery.

Comments and Ratings are apreciated.


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Bale Fire Feb 9, 10
Pretty good, Stitches head seems a little too big, and Mr Kat's forward legs seem a little awkward, but otherwise another fine picture. Joker's face in particular looks great
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Stitch Feb 10, 10
Stitch's head seems alright to me in size, but I might still make some errors in sizes.

Mr Kat is kinda a flat character in animation, so, I kinda drew it flat like he is, I might made the front arms a bit too long or something.
Wasn't much work to draw Mr Kat, less then 2 hours, and he was done, unlike Stitch and Joker what took days.

lol, I personally think that I made the Jaw size below the ears a little bit too wide, now it looks like he has thick cheeks. XD

But then again; it's my first time I drew a human face from scratch, and Joker's facial structure is already a bit abnormal, especially with that pointy chin of his, and his stretched smile. =P

But it didn't came out too badly.

And thanks!

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