Just a random drawing I made.

Stitch being lost in some sort of a Stairs Labyrinth room kinda thingy.
His only company is an old fat guy called Jeff, who has troubles with Short Term Memory lost, so he's off no good use for any help, because he will forget who Stitch is everytime he sees him, and he doesn't remember that he's walking the same stairs over and over...

This drawing is kinda a reference of the Stairs Labyrinth, and Stitch's "I'm Lost" moment in the Disney movie; Lilo & Stitch.

But mostly; it's a random drawing, because it's a random idea, that just came into me while I drew some random fat old man walking up a flight of steps for no reason. =/

Although, with this one I wanted to see if I can make a Drawing without outlines showing on it.
Well, here's the results from what I got.
My first time I made somehting without outlines showing at the end, but probably also my last, because I don't like the way how I have to work to get it like this.

Takes longer to do, and I have to work even more carefully.
So, enjoy this one for now. =P

Kinda screwed up on Stitch's legs for a bit, too small I guess.

And I kinda got lazy with the background shadings, didn't know how to place it in an enviroment like this, so I just place something random and hope for the best....



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