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I was really hurrying up with this one, started late with thinking of something to draw on mother's day, until I finally got it, then it was working quickly on it to get it done on Sunday, a couple of nights working on it, just now I spend 12 hours overnight getting it done for Mother's Day, it's now 10 AM in the morning, so I am well on time for Mother's day today, and giving this drawing for my Mother.

A Drawing of Stitch giving a Flower on Mother's Day.

Get it? Flower?


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baibai216 May 8, 11
The skunk is sooooo adorable!
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Stitch May 9, 11
He sure is, especially in Disney's Bambi.
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baibai216 May 10, 11
OMG! I totallly forgot it was from Bambi! No wonder it looked familiar!

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