Made this for Short Circuit, a member on Neoseeker for their Fanfic.

The fanfic is called Four Walls.

You can read the fic here, and see what it is about.

Some changes were made at the last minute, when I read a bit on the fanfic today, and saw a description on the cell, and my original thought of the cell was not the same, like the Isolation Cell is not a prison but a medical Cell, so my thought of making a disgusting cell, with just a matrass on the floor, changed with a bedsheet on it, which was coincidentally also descripted in the fic.
Aswell as a box near the door, and the door having it's window on the botton on chest height, which originally was on the top.

I guess this what happens when you make a drawing about a fanfic without reading it at all first, only went by with what I got told in the PM at Neoseeker what to make, the rest was kinda up to me. =P

Luckily those changes were easily fixed, all in one day, today that is. =P

These changes can be seen in the Progress of this drawing if you want to see them.

Worked pretty quickly on it, within 2 weeks it was finished, yeah, I'm not so fast, like you know, so that's pretty good so far.

Welp, enjoy it.


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