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Yeah, I know, it's waaay to Early for a Christmas Drawing, but I made it because someone I know in real life asked me to "Draw Stitch with a Christmas Hat" a month or so ago, preferbly before November, Well, I did, but I sneakily added a little bit more to it..... =>

I hope she likes it.

Also started to figure out how to make the hair stand out better, as you can see on Rainbow Dash, I'm getting a hand in it...or I'm just lucky with this one, next one I might screw up again, lol. XD

And it's never too early or too late to make somehting with Christmas in it, because it's my favoroute time of the year, it should always be a nice time throughout the whole year like that.
And who knows, this drawing might be used somewhere else for Christmas, I noticed my Easter banner got used in a forum somewhere, thanks to Google image search, with that little search by picture feature.

Took like 3 weeks I think, would be finished sooner, but you know me, I'm a slacker, slowass, so yeah, enjoy it, and Merry Christmas already.


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