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Yeah, I normally make better drawings, but this time I just wanted to draw without some special tool helping me on the outlines and stuff, just a simple sketching drawing, and color it in.

Saves me the time of working a whole week or days on somehting, even though, this alone took me 6 hours in totall, I'm such a slowass.
Maybe if I had a digital pencil and tablet, it might be easier, because doing everything with a mouse, is difficult if you want to make somehting look good.
Atleast for me, that is.

Ah well, can always do it like that when I take my sweet ass time and some helping tools for smoother outlines and all that.

Well, anyway, Let me explain what this drawing is about:

A week ago or so, I had a dream, and saw somehting that look like Stitch, holding a wine glass, with lettuce in them, and he was eating it, but he acted like he was an animal, not his usual character, just eating and looking around, kinda like a squirrel, And since I was bored, and had this in my mind for a while, I wanted to make a quick drawing about it, but I didn't feel like I wanted to spend days or weeks on it.

So yeah.


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