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Metal Stitch Rising, based on Metal Gear Rising.

I started around April 1st on this, but thanks to slacking, and lack of motivation, or evenings in which I was just too tired to do anything, but lay down and sleep, this was mostly updated every now and then for the past 6 weeks.

I'm already slow, but this is ridiculouse, and I'm not much of a fan of Very detailed work myself, I have ADHD, so I might not care much patient for unimportant things, like on the right, there's a building, I drew it, with a part missing, fully colored it in, but today I said *bleep* it with attempting to shade it in, and just sett it on fire to hide it in a way. =P

When I might upload my progress on this, you'll see what I mean, first you have an idea of doing this, someday, and then you just say, forget it, and change it, so you can finally wrap this one up.

Today I just went a bit lazy with the background or final touches, and just wanted to finish this as soon as possible, but still looking nice in a bit.

Hope ya like it. =)

Oh, yeah, I drew Wolf aswell, Not very detailed, since like I said, I rather keep it simple and easy. =>


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Tavy Apr 15, 16
Is that a weapon to surpass Metal Gear?
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Stitch Apr 15, 16
Most likely. :3

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