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A request from someone on Deviant Art, about Stitch before and after on meth, a sort of Anti-meth propaganda thing.

Bit dark, but it was fun to make.


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tekmosis Jul 19, 13
But Meth made him look so much more ripped and muscular, like a karate warrior.
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Stitch Jul 19, 13
lol, it's not the healthy kind of muscular look, when body fat seems to be epping away. =P
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Kingy Jul 19, 13
geez stitch, that's freaking messed up. but true tbh. meth is no laughing matter
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Stitch Jul 20, 13
lol, I kinda felled sorry to draw Stitch in such a bad state, though.
But it's fun to go dark side for a bit, bit of a change for once. =P
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GamaHama Jul 7, 15

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