This is a bit of a sad update, normally, I would be happy to finally upload a drawing, because I'm kinda lacking fresh uploads, and I'm kinda happy that I finally drew something again after like 10 months or something? but this time it's for a bit of a sadder reason: My mother lies in Hospital, they found Cancer on her, around 11 weeks ago, she began to feel pain, and each day it got worst, and more painful, in the end, she could'nt even walk anymore, now she's paralyzed on the waist down, each move she does make, hurts her, she's on medication for that and all, but yeah, it's not going good.

At the moment, there's no telling how long she might have, curing her is too late for that, they can only stall it, so all there's left to do is waiting things out on how things go, I decided to make a drawing for her, a kinda "Get Well" drawing, that's basically what it says, in Dutch.

Well, anyway, I'm atleast glad I drew something again.

The only thing I didn't draw in this drawing was the cutiemark, that's a copy/paste from an image I found on google.

Well, anyway, enjoy this drawing.


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