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lol, It is kinda a crazy drawing I did, isn't it?
But I sure like this one, wasn't easy for me to draw though, but it came out alright.
Hope you like it.


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Taki Jan 5, 08
What a huuuge tongue XD! And he looks fat, but still cuddly there. It seems much harder than the other drawings of yours! It's great, keep it up. ^__^

You wrote your name with GIMP, right?
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Stitch Jan 5, 08
Thanks. And it was harder then the other drawings, but I got it almost right, not perfect but good enough, and no, I wrote my name with a pencil, I only used the Gimp to color it in, and yeah, my writing is kinda bad.
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Taz124 Aug 1, 09
AWW Cute and deadly... Still awesome work! ***Gives the thumbs up***
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Stitch Aug 1, 09
It's one of my early works.

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