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I had this idea for a while of drawing a GTA IV Themed drawing with Stitch in it.
And I also wanted to draw Reuben(Experiment 625) sometime, one of Stitch's cousins.
And I had this funny idea when Niko and Roman Bellic are in a mission, chasing Vlad, and Roman says at some point: "Don't do anything stupid, Cousin!".
Somehow this kinda sparked the idea of having a drawing for GTA IV with Stitch and Reuben in it, in some kind of chase sequence.
And they are also cousins, just like Niko and Roman.
But anyway, here it is, and I hope you like it.
Don't mind how the car or anything else looks like, I'm not perfect.
And I also ran out of paper on the right side, so that's the only thing I can't fix, and I hate to see it, but it's only a little minor flaw of it, for the rest it looks pretty good to me.
Check my Neo-home for the sketches.


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Bale Fire Oct 5, 08
Just browsed through some of your art and this came up. You do like inserting Stitch into other games don't you?
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Stitch Oct 6, 08
lol, sometimes.
But Stitch sure fits in a GTA Game, don't ya think?
He's built to destroy and all, so a GTA game would be the perfect place for Stitch.
He can then create chaos and also command lots of vehicles!
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Jonesoda Mar 20, 09
This is some awsome art to!
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Stitch Mar 21, 09
Thanks, this drawing actually got the mosts views in my Fan-art section.
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DarshD Aug 31, 10
Man, can someone show this to Rockstar games?
Brilliant idea for a GTA spin-off imo.
Awesome job, stitch. You are cool man .
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Stitch Aug 31, 10
lol, would be a great game, thanks.!

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