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This is Pokemon Trainer named Jun. He is a Pokemon trainer. This fine art took about an hour or 2 to complete. Hope you like it

Thanks for reading this!


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Lukaeu Mar 8, 09
Nice, it looks official too.... =D
Great coloring also... ;3

The Clown
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The Grimoire Mar 9, 09
Thanks for the comment Lukeau!
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Lone Drifter Apr 19, 09
This reminds me of one of those whats the differences games that would always be in the comic section of the newspaper. XD fun fun
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The Grimoire Apr 19, 09
lol. and thanks for the comment man
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Piplup555 Aug 15, 09
Wow!It looks really,really good!
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Acww10 Aug 17, 09
nice drawing mate looks great

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