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This is my favorite pokemon trainer named Brendan. This art took a while but less than a day! Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were the old good days man

Hope you like it. C+C is much appreciated


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BadWolf Mar 6, 09
This is really good. You have a talent. ;D
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The Grimoire Mar 6, 09
Thanks for the comment BadWolf!
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Lukaeu Mar 13, 09
Mmmmm.... R/S =3
I can't wait for some D/P/Pt Trainers and maybe Dawn? X3

The Clown
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The Grimoire Mar 13, 09
Yup. I'm actually doing Trainer Herata :3
Then Dawn is next
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Lukaeu Mar 22, 09
    Sounds saucy. :3
    Keep up the good work ether way. =D
    Some Platinum Trainer Sprites would be quite cool also. ;3

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